Tall Bike


Update 3-15-05

The tall bike started out as a email sometime around March 2004. "Jason, we've got to beat this guy. Here is the challenge www.atomiczombie.com/!skycycle.htm . Guiness Book baby."  Reply, "I will build it if you will ride it. How does 15 feet for practice sound?"

The following weekend began with a tour of the local thrift stores and Home Depot. The fun is just about ready to begin.


Saturday evening, "J are you sure this isn't going to be too tall?"

View from the launch pad.  Around Wednesday one week after the first email.  

Jonathan's first ride. That boy has cojones. Taking the bike over the curb he discovered cg is a little forward.

Right Click on the picture, save target as... for a Quicktime movie file (1.47 mb).

And Jason rides off into the sunset.

For additional inspiration check out: 



Update 3-15-05

Not much has happened with the tallbike over the last year.  I got it out from the backyard, gave it a tune up, added slightly taller handlebars and took it for a spin.  Total Height is now about 14 feet.

An album of sundays ride is at http://www.ericksonracing.com/Tallbike2/.

The bike is still scary as ever.


Disclaimer 1. I wasn't concentrating on filming.

Disclaimer 2. If you are my mom that is not really me. It's an imposter.

As for the Guiness Book, Brad of www.atomiczombie.com has a 30 ft design. That is higher than I want to go so for now we are tapping out.  Their may have been a small period of time where we could have had the record with slightly higher handlebars but we didn't and we don't so now we are like the 5th tallest bike.

Some additional movies are below. 

Right Click on the picture, save target as... for a Quicktime movie file pretty large files, but I tried to keep them short..

Look only one hand. The View looking down.

Always use a properly rated bicycle helmet. Like that is really going to help.

My spotter and fellow rider.

A few turns in the parking lot.

The view ahead.