V Clone

V Clone is a concept bike. This is an attempt to answers the question why are the Varna human powered vehicles so fast. Below is a semi-random build up series of pictures.

Tubes from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty.  Main tubes are heavy 1.5"*.049 4130.

This shows the narrowed rear mountain bike hub. Similar to the method used by Warren Beauchamp on wisil recumbents website.

Machining the rear dropouts for the rear sub frame.

Tubing blocks and angle protractor used to mill the Head tube cutout in the mill. 

My fork jig, worked for holding the 4130 "plate fork crown" during welding. This unique crown design assisted the Varna in its compact fwd configuration.

Fit up of the forks again on the fork Jig. Dummy axle in use with v-block head tube clamp arrangement.

Mid sub frame assembly.  I used a tubing clamp design for the various sub frame assemblies to fine tune the various pieces.

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