By-Tor the Snow Bicycle

The snow bicycle started out as a the "storm of the century" hit Reno December 31, 2004.  What had looked like the dorkiest bike in the world, now looked practical, utilitarian and necessary to include in my stable of bikes.

New Years eve evening in the midst of the week long snowstorm I started with a pile of bikes, and parts. Some of the parts remain remain from the tallbike project. Other were police impound bikes.  The building fun has just begun.


Bicycle reincarnation. Cut, grind, mark, snip, align, weld repeat.

3 am.

Test riding in the snow a couple of nights later. Fun to ride, even on 2 wheels. Plows through the snow. While your at it check out the gratuitous finger monkey link.

Finished, with a little stealth paint. And brakes. And a derailleur. Ready for a weeks worth of snow.

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