Built Up Forks

Fork jig I made out of IPS structural tubing a machined dummy axle and a machined v block. Not quite ridged enough though.

Finished fork. The material is plan gauge .028 4130 from Aircraft Spruce that I "flattened" to a .5" * 1" cross section.  Several people have warned me that the material is too thin.

Welding rod is Polytensile 880 (Thanks Don www.anvilbikes.com  for the recommendation and Matt for delivering)

Sort of domed tips. Dropouts are 1/8 4130. I may silver solder a stainless dropout boss to give it a more finished look.

Top view of the finished fork. After thinking about 3 different ways to join the crown and fork blades I decided to miter it at 45 degrees (Thanks frambuilders list members that responded with suggestions.) Yes the fork is offset on purpose.

Page last updated 8-27-04