Bonneville Streamliner

Update July 29, 2005

The Bonneville streamliner started out as a design for the BUB enterprises speed trials going for the prize of fastest mph/cc ratio which relegated it be 50cc of displacement. Additionally the goal was a quick build with low expenditure. As with all things it quickly become out of control. Currently the project is postponed until next year, with the eventual goal of setting a FIM world record.

Details for our bike design include a computer designed fairing produced in aluminum and powered with a dyno optimized electronically controlled methanol injected Aprilia rs50 engine.

Update July 27, 2005

The project is at a stop now since I didn't have the support I thought I had. I did not have the engine tuning help I thought I had. The chassis fabrication guy always had other projects. The sponsors we were supposed to have lined up vaporized. It ended up I was the only one putting time and money in the project neither of which I have enough or right now.

But... I may still build something ridiculously small and ridiculously simple for the BUB event this year (not much time left) but I have a few other projects to finish up first.


I have been doing some research on previous and current 50cc motorcycle streamliners. So far these are the motorcycles I have come up with.  I will add details as they become available.

1956. The NSU streamliner. Picture from

1965. Kreidler streamliner 1. Picture from

1977. Kreidler streamliner 2. Picture from

1981. Kreidler streamliner 3. Picture from

2000. The Boeing Employees Club streamliner. Picture from

2003. Nebulous Theorem IV streamliner by Costella and Dugan. Picture from

2003. A sidecar streamliner named Silver Rod by Team McLeish Bros. Picture probably from

2005. Under construction, Budd Fab Streamliner. Built by John Buddenbaum and Eric Noyes. Using an Motor Minirelli AM6 engine modified to 20 hp. 22inch wheels. More detials at the official website,

Lizard Racing? 50cc Streamliner from Australia.

If you know any others please email me at

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